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At Brooklands, we believe that every child, despite any early, adverse childhood experiences and current challenging circumstances can reach their full potential. We are committed to ensure that all children are provided with the opportunities and support they need to overcome identified barriers and that the gaps identified between pupil premium and non-pupil premium children pupils are addressed promptly, enabling all children’s needs are fully met.


We are aware that some of the pupil premium children at Brooklands face challenges that are unique to them, including: low early language levels; low levels of aspiration; social and emotional needs and ongoing lack of parental support. As well as the afore mentioned challenges, we also acknowledge that some of our children have not had the same life experiences afforded to their peers and do not have the same opportunities outside school as many of their peers. Our highest priority for our children in receipt of pupil premium funding is that they receive quality first teaching which meets their academic needs and support for their social and emotional needs. This will not only benefit children in receipt of pupil premium, but also those non-pupil premium children who face similar barriers.


At Brooklands, we have carefully considered our whole school recovery plan when completing our pupil premium strategy, ensuring that they work hand in hand to provide targeted support for those who have been impacted most by Covid19 and school closures. Children in receipt of pupil premium funding have been worst affected by the pandemic, both academically as well as their emotional well being and our strategy reflects the support provided for these children.


Although there is still a gap between the attainment of children in receipt of pupil premium funding and those who are not nationally, by striving to ensure that every child meets their potential and putting support mechanisms in place to aide this, we are enabling our most disadvantaged children to not only keep up, but surpass those who are more fortunate.


When implementing our Pupil Premium Strategy, we not only address common challenges, but are also responsive to individual needs of pupils through robust gap analysis activities, progress dialogue meeting with staff and in the moment assessments in class.


Our aim for all children in receipt of pupil premium funding is for their needs to be identified early, strategies to be put in place and carried out effectively and monitoring activities to be conducted to ensure that what is being done is having the desired impact. As a result of these aims, all children, irrespective of their background, will leave Brooklands achieving in line with their peers, confident in their own ability, able to succeed in society and with good emotional health.