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Modern Foreign Languages



Since 2015, it has become compulsory for all children to learn a foreign language at Key stage 2.

At Key Stage 2, children have weekly French lessons, in which we hope to develop children’s enthusiasm for learning a foreign language, by making the lessons as active and fun as possible and giving opportunities to children of all abilities to communicate in the foreign language.


The French language is introduced through rhymes, stories and songs. Repetition of language is reinforced by mimes, games and role-play.


Examples of games include:


Guessing games – What am I thinking ?


Guess the mime


Clapping syllables


Competitive games – Os and Xs, Touch the picture, Elevens, Battleships


Games in pairs – Matching pairs, Pictionary, Guess who?


Party games –  Pass the parcel, Simon says, Colours


Children go on to write French, using word banks to help them to build increasingly complex sentences. We look at nouns, adjectives, connectives and verbs, building on children’s understanding of their first language. Language learning strategies acquired in French, including using a bi-lingual dictionary, should help with the learning of other foreign languages in the future.

With the aim of promoting an interest and curiosity in the wider world, children explore French culture through topics about festivals, food, geography, sport, music and school life.


The French curriculum is based upon many of the units from the QCA scheme of work (2009), which ensures that the topics studied build upon children’s prior learning in a fun and challenging way. Many topics complement work done in other subject areas – e.g. time, date, numbers, space, rivers.


For the QCA Scheme of work for Key Stage 2, please click here.