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Mathematics forms an essential part of the primary curriculum and plays an intrinsic part in our daily lives.  At Brooklands Primary School our ultimate aim is to develop pupils’ confidence and enthusiasm and their ability to apply mathematical skills and knowledge of the world around them.  We want them to be excited by mathematics and to continue to study the subject well beyond their primary education.


We are committed to providing a programme of study which provides all children with relevant and appropriately challenging work at each key stage.  Mathematics at Brooklands is taught in an exciting and interactive way. Our daily maths lessons follow the Primary Mathematics curriculum which ensures a progressive and practical approach to learning.  It helps children to learn logical ways of thinking, which in turn helps them to apply problem-solving skills to other subjects.  At Brooklands children learn to explore and explain their ideas using symbols, diagrams and spoken and written language. They gain a good grasp of the basics with numbers, including simple fractions, patterns and shapes, and progress to working out more complex problems in their heads, on paper and using ICT. We ensure that pupils gain a deeper understanding of maths through practical activities and by applying their knowledge to problems and situations from the real world.